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Child Health Nursing

Child Health Nursing

ISBN 9780134624723
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Australia
This product has been discontinued.

For courses in Pediatric Nursing.
A comprehensive survey of family-centered pediatric nursing care  

Child Health Nursing: Partnering with Children & Families promotes excellence in nursing care for infants, children, and adolescents—in hospitals and in the community. It focuses on the importance of partnering with families to adapt care plans for children based on their age, health status, and social and cultural influences. The text considers the impact of contemporary care environments on nursing practice, both in health promotion and in the care of children with acute or chronic health conditions. By offering industry best practices and practical applications, the book encourages students to apply evidence-based findings and clinical reasoning to planning superior care.

The updated 3rd edition explains how modern nursing practice is affected by reforms to healthcare and its delivery—such as electronic health records, new approaches to chronic and acute condition management, and a focus on prevention. To support safe, effective, and innovative care, this edition draws on the latest recommendations of NANDA International diagnoses, Nursing Intervention Classifications (NIC), Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC), and Healthy People 2020.

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