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Classroom Assessment: What Teachers Need to Know

Course Codes : EDST2062

Classroom Assessment: What Teachers Need to Know

ISBN 9780132868600
Edition 7
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson

For students taking assessment courses in educational psychology or tests and measurement departments.


Written with energy and wit, this reader-friendly text discusses practical ways in which teachers can develop and use well-written tests to improve their effectiveness in the classroom.


With its constant attention to the instructional implications of educational assessment, Classroom Assessment:  What Teachers Need to Know, 7/e, helps readers become assessment literate -- to understand the fundamental concepts and processes of educational testing that will influence teachers’ hour-to-hour instructional decisions.  The text recognizes and highlights the exponential increase in the importance of educational assessment in an era of common core state standards and teacher-evaluations based on students’ test scores. 


From reviews of the book:

“I think that [the writing] is a particular strength of this text.  The conversational and humorous tone is highly engaging and will help to hook students, especially those that might be a little hesitant about this topic. . . .  The coverage and depth of discussion are . . . strengths.  This book also tackles some of the ethical dilemmas associated with assessment.  [And] it . . . places the topic of assessment within the current political reality of accountability and helps students develop some appropriate responses to these challenges. . . . I am a huge fan of this book!”

                        –Michael Boyle, Loyola University, Chicago


 “Popham is a highly respected voice in the field of educational assessment.  Over the years he has contributed tremendously to our understanding of the measurement issues that face educators. . . . I have found Popham’s text to be an excellent choice for my introductory course in classroom assessment.  Popham includes many “bonus items” that are not available in other texts including his “What Teachers Really Need to Know,” “Parent Talk,” “Pondertime,” and “Self-Check.”  “Extended Applications” are also excellent in promoting critical thinking about key issues.  The addition of these components, together with Popham’s engaging writing style, helps bring assessment to life for educators.”

                        –Deborah Bennett, Purdue University


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