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Clinical Obstetrical Ultrasound

Clinical Obstetrical Ultrasound

ISBN 9780471329275
Publication Date
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc
Clinical Obstetrical Ultrasound provides a timely, accurate, and user-friendly text and multimedia instructional package for a broad audience of specialists, family medicine physicians, and technologists. The components of this project are a 250-page book and a companion CD-ROM. The book discusses in detail the clinical application of obstetrical ultrasound and the CD-ROM contains numerous illustrations, videos (with narration), and printable tables and graphs derived from the book. The book contains dedicated chapters on antepartum fetal surveillance, altered fetal growth, gestational dating, bleeding in early pregnancy, and multiple gestation as well as detailed treatment of the role of ultrasonography in detecting anomalies in the fetal head and neck, lungs, heart, central nervous system, abdomen and skeleton. The CD-ROM was created by the author using Macromedia Director and runs under Windows 95; it includes (1) a picture gallery of ultrasonic images (with narration); (2) approximately 30 AVI ultrasound movies totaling ca. 40 minutes in video time (with narration); and (3) a set of tables and graphs derived from the book that can be printed for reference or clinical use. The CD-ROM is coupled with the book and is not be sold separately. It does not contain the text of the book, only "value added" materials (e.g., videos).

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