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Coaching with Personality Type: What Works

Coaching with Personality Type: What Works

ISBN 9780335261642
Edition 1st
Publication Date
Publisher Mc GrawHill
Most coaches know that Personality Type indicators can add enormous value to their work. Based on the work of the distinguished Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, questionnaires such as the MBTI (R) and its many rivals can give clients swift, deep, unsettling and reliable insights into their own behaviour and needs. Yet many coaches hesitate, asking questions such as:* Do I know enough about it to use it confidently?* Where does it add value in work with senior leaders?* Where can it be useful when I'm working with a client on career issues?* What should I do when a client challenges me on validity and reliability? * What other psychometric assessments might I use and how do they complement Type indicators?* How should I use it with groups, for instance on management development programmes?* How does it work as part of a team coaching project?This book will build your confidence.

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