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Commercial Leases in Australia 8e

Commercial Leases in Australia 8e

ISBN 9780455500331
Edition 8th Edition
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Commercial Leases in Australia 8th Edition is an up-to-date and practical guide to understanding and drafting commercial lease agreements in Australia and to managing disputes when they arise. This new edition is thoroughly updated to reflect all statutory changes and case law on commercial leasing since September 2014. It concentrates on court decisions and makes reference to all retail shop leases legislation of relevance to the subject under consideration. It will help solicitors, accountants and real estate agents to tackle the common problems arising in relation to commercial leases in Australia. For real estate agents, in particular, this book will help limit legal liability when managing commercial leases. New developments include a detailed new section relating to Unfair Terms, which would now apply to commercial leases made on or after 26 November 2016 where they meet the description of a “small business contract” under the Australian Consumer Law. Statutory updates from 30 June 2014 including significant amendments to the Retail Shop Leases Act (Qld) and the Retail Leases Act 1994 (NSW) as a result of the Retail Leases Amendment (Review) Act 2017 (NSW). Commercial Leases in Australia 8th Edition is an established and authoritative reference for anyone with an interest in commercial leasing matters, including legal practitioners, real estate agents, law students and other professionals.

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