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Communication and New Media: From Broadcast to Narrowcast

Communication and New Media: From Broadcast to Narrowcast

ISBN 9780195553550
Edition 2006
Publication Date
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
This product has been discontinued.
A new approach Using a political economy approach, the authors argue the era of mass communication-of broadcast communication to mass audiences-is over. In the digital age, audiences have been atomised down to a single individual with a mobile phone-the message is narrowcast to the audience, which is composed of singular citizen-consumers. Comprehensive introduction to media and communications Traces the historical development from mass communication to new technologies Examines the economic organisation of media old and new Presents theoretical frameworks about the media Explores how 'new' media extends and eclipses 'old' media Focuses not only on industries and technologies but also on their social and political impacts Introduces the unique concept of the surveillance economy Delivers a strong focus on ethics, regulation and governance Accessible and relevant, with real-world examples Packed with features to help students learn, including examples, case studies, chapter objectives, key words and concepts Focused and sequential in themes An engaging and direct style of writing Real-life examples from new media practitioners about their transition to new technologies Examples and case studies based on real knowledge of how the communication industries work

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