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Communication - eBook

Communication - eBook

ISBN 9780729585798
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences

The third edition of Communication: Core Interpersonal Skills for Health Professionals is an essential guide to clear and effective communication in a multidisciplinary healthcare setting.

Divided into four sections, the title takes the reader on a journey of reflection upon personal communication styles and habits. Essential communication strategies and skills are reviewed to rebuild and enhance future practice. The fully revised third edition by Gjyn O'Toole will appeal to the health student and practitioner seeking to improve communication style and practice in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Individual and group activities integrated throughout, designed to promote communication skill, reflection and awarenessKey communication challenges addressed – conflict, cultural variations, misunderstandings, ethical issues, communicating over distances, written documentation and electronic forms of communication including social networking sitesUpdated online evolve resources for lecturers and students at evolve.elsevier.com Updated illustrationsNew chapter focusing solely on electronic communication – the advantages and disadvantages plus strategies for appropriate use of social mediaNew chapter exploring the importance of ‘one way’ documentation, professional writing and conductNew scenarios and activities – 49 scenarios present realistic situations and individuals that health professionals encounter, encouraging the reader to actively explore circumstances and needs

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