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Communication in Business Ebook 9780195588231

ISBN : 9780195588231
Publisher : Oxford VitalSource eBook
Author(s) :
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Overview Making connections between theory and practice in a digital, professional world.Communication for Business introduces students to the core topics necessary for their undergraduate studies in business communication and is designed with the future professional in mind. It bridges academic theory and real-world business knowledge and provides lots of practical examples in the integrated online obook. It offers a fresh approach to the subject in the form of the three business communication principles: logic, clarity and courtesy in the way they frame the contents of the book. Written by a combination of management, communication, ethics and journalism academics it presents information that is practical and interesting in a style that is theoretical and accessible. Please note that this version does not contain the additional interactive components of the Communication for Business obook, which is packaged free with the printed textbook. FeaturesProvides students with an understanding of the importance of good communication skills to effective business practice.Includes additional activities, examples, videos and a business communication toolkit in the obook.Includes an entire chapter on ethics and communication.Pedagogical features have been designed to draw on and develop professional communication skillsLearning Objectives are highlighted as margin notes at critical points throughout the text and hotlinked in the obookCase Studies with questions show students to situations and scenarios in the profession, and help to equip them with the skills and knowledge to deal with situations they will face out in the workforce. Questions accompany each case study to help challenge students and cause them to reflect upon issues and theories presented.Professional Practice Tips expose students to practical advice for communicating in the professional world.Example Box key examples are highlightedRevision Questions are included for students to test their knowledge and answers are provided in the obook for easy self-testing and for lecturers in the Instructors Resource Manual.Professional Practice Tasks: activities included at the end of each chapter to put the theory to practice and further reinforce the primary focus of the chapter.Contemporary Industry Example engaging examples arm students with a good knowledge of the current climate of business practice and why good communication skills are important to this.Key terms at the beginning of each chapter and margin notes throughout.Summary of Key Points (an audio summary is also included in the obook)Further Reading & Weblinks Tertiary (wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning Resource Category winner - Educational Publishing Awards Australia 2014

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