Communication, New Media and Everyday Life Ebook

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Communication, New Media and Everyday Life Ebook 9780195518979

ISBN : 9780195518979
Publisher : Oxford VitalSource eBook
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 1st
Overview Communication, New Media and Everyday Life uses stories to explain the journey from `new media in communication' to `new media is communication.' In so doing it provides a thorough grounding in communication and new media theory and practice for undergraduate students. The premise that, for generation Y and Z, new media can no longer be easily distinguished from communication underpins the text: for them, new media is communication. It therefore encourages the reader to understand how they use `new' media to do `old' things. The first section of the book introduces readers to the building blocks of communication; its basic tools, devices and approaches. The second section takes the ideas and concepts in the first part and applies them to `new' media. Covered here are topics including ideology in film and television, organisational communication, values in the new digital world and how identity, privacy, deception and truth have been redefined. The third part looks at communication today; exploring what it might be like to live in an increasingly digital world. Key Features Each chapter begins with a vignette story about Family X that introduces and illustrates the theoretical content in a practical situations Includes real life abstracts from newspapers, social media etc... Margin notes including key terms, definitions and key concept help students who are not digital natives Provides a strong and clear introduction to key teaching areas including Gaming, Postmodernism and Semiotics and aims to encourage wider learning and exploration.

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