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Community Pharmacy ANZ - eBook

Community Pharmacy ANZ - eBook

ISBN 9780729583459
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences

Community Pharmacy: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment 3e builds on its established reputation as a trusted guide to differential diagnosis of symptoms commonly seen by Australian and New Zealand community pharmacists.

The third edition has been carefully and thoroughly updated to reflect changes to over-the-counter drug scheduling and new over-the-counter drugs. In addition, the text highlights trends in pharmacy education and practice, with an emphasis on counselling, communication skills, evidence-based practice and customer requests specific to the Australian and New Zealand region.

evolve Visit http://evolve.elsevier.com/AU/Newby/community/ for additional resources

Lecturer resources

Case studiesAdditional dermatology imagesImage collection

Student resources

Additional images for ophthalmology and dermatologyAdditional images of stings and bitesUpdated chapter 'Evidence-based pharmacy practice', which includes three new complex community pharmacy case studiesChapter on wound management, including images 'Practice points' - tips on how to counsel patients with respect to medicationsWound management chapter on evolveComplex community pharmacy case studiesModified GRADE ratings incorporated throughout the chapters, which provide an assessment of the evidence supporting each therapeutic recommendationExpanded coverage of stings and bites

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