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Community Pharmacy E-Book

Community Pharmacy E-Book

ISBN 9780702054730
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences

Completely revised and updated throughout, this new edition of the best-selling title in community pharmacy continues to provide an essential reference for undergraduate and pre-registration pharmacy trainees.


New sections on menstrual bleeding and weight loss.

Clearly structured by basic anatomy, history-taking and body system.

Fully illustrated throughout.

Boxes throughout: trigger points indicative of referral; hints and tips.

Tables throughout: differential diagnosis (key questions for each condition); evidence-based OTC medication; practical prescribing; product selection.

Self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter.

Expanded case studies at the end of each chapter Covers all the most common conditions and gives evidence to back up over-the-counter (OTC) recommendations.Puts the presenting symptoms into the primary-care context.Suggests which questions to ask to narrow down the possible diagnoses.Gives schematic summaries of how to arrive at a diagnosis.Evidence-based boxes as a guide for OTC medication.Practical prescribing summary tables.Hints and tips boxes for product use.Self-assessment sections.Case studies at the end of chapters.Colour images of important conditions.Chapter on specific product requests.Useful websites.