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Company Disclosure in Australia

Company Disclosure in Australia

ISBN 9780455230405
Edition 1st
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Companies face increasing risk with rising shareholder claims for breaches of the continuous disclosure laws. Reports in the Australian Financial Review (“New funders challenge the majors”, 28 February 2014) point to growth in funding and potential for such claims.  Company Disclosure in Australia provides readers with a detailed outline of listed company disclosure law and practice. It focuses on periodic and continuous disclosure, with all listed companies are subject to these rules and most public corporate information is provided under these regimes.   North covers regulation prohibiting insider trading, selective disclosure, and misleading or deceptive conduct, as these rules support the periodic and continuous disclosure regimes. As most of Australia’s national savings are encompassed within the compulsory superannuation scheme and a large portion of the savings pool invested in Australian corporate securities, nearly every Australian has a stake in listed Australian companies. Company Disclosure in Australia encourages practitioners and students with legal, securities, accounting or finance backgrounds to consider the efficacy of the individual disclosure and misconduct regimes and the integrated disclosure framework from a broad perspective. It also highlights the need for broad, well-informed debate, supporting a case for review and reform of the company disclosure framework on a comprehensive basis.     

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