Comparative Politics of the "Third World": Linking Concepts and Cases

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Comparative Politics of the "Third World": Linking Concepts and Cases 9781588267924

ISBN : 9781588267924
Publisher : Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 3 Rev ed
Overview Avoiding the problems of both overgeneralization and a strictly country-by-country approach, Comparative Politics of the "Third World" offers an innovative blend of theory and empirical material that introduces students in a meaningful way to the developing (or not developing) world. December Green and Laura Luehrmann consistently link concepts pertaining to history, politics, economics, and international relations to a set of eight timely case studies: China, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Turkey, and Zimbabwe. Their approach, an accessible and even compelling narrative, is directed specifically at today's undergraduates. Among the many outstanding features of this new edition: *Addresses the sticky issue of terminology, confronting head on the implications of such phrases as "third world," "global south," and "developing world." *Effectively uses case studies-each one updated from beginning to end-to make sense of theory. *Incorporates the most recent political and economic data available. *Highlights the effects of the global economic recession and progress toward the Millennium Development Goals. *Discusses a range of new "hot topics," such as the role of information technologies, that highlight interdependence. *Includes a detailed discussion of current US policy in Iraq and Afghanistan and of the perceived "Obama Effect." The result is a text that has been successfully designed to challenge students' preconceptions, arouse their curiosity, and foster critical thinking.

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