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Complete Guide to Sport Education

Complete Guide to Sport Education

ISBN 9780736043809
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Human Kinetics Publishers
This product has been discontinued.

Children of all ages can learn many valuable lessons through participation in sport, dance, fitness, and adventure activities. Complete Guide to Sport Education helps teachers present those lessons in ways that positively affect their students and prepare them to be physically active and healthy as adults.

Complete Guide to Sport Education presents a curriculum and instruction model through which
- boys and girls learn fairness, teamwork, and compassion as they participate in sport;
- teachers learn effective strategies for helping lower-skilled students and nonparticipants to become active and valued team members; and
- students learn to recognize the qualities of good sport experiences and gain the perspective needed to become advocates for quality sport and physical activity programs in their communities as adults.

Internationally recognized Sport Education experts Daryl Siedentop, Peter A. Hastie, and Hans van der Mars provide teachers with the essential tools and strategies they need for planning and implementing a Sport Education curriculum:

- Ready-to-use, teacher-tested plans for applying the Sport Education model to sport, fitness, dance, and adventure activities
- Season plans that help teachers and students prepare for a season of games and activities and that involve students taking responsibility for portions of the plans
- A CD-ROM that allows teachers to print all the charts, forms, assessments, handouts, and other materials
- Selected material on the CD-ROM in both English and Spanish

Teachers will learn how to select activities, organize teams, decide which student roles to use, modify activities, design competition formats, and finally, use all this information to design Sport Education seasons. The text includes a detailed plan for building class-management routines that are necessary for implementing the Sport Education model and a comprehensive behavior-development system based on the concept of fair play. The book also devotes chapters to creating a festive environment for Sport Education, integrating other subjects into the model, and extending student participation outside of class time. Finally, the book includes detailed information on assessment to help teachers build in the accountability and positive outcomes that will ensure the program's continued success.

Complete Guide to Sport Education contains everything teachers need to know about Sport Education, providing practical, immediately useful, and effective material to make the sport experience positive and meaningful for all students.

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