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Comprehensive Systematic Review for Advanced Nursing Practice

Comprehensive Systematic Review for Advanced Nursing Practice

ISBN 9780826117786
Publication Date
Publisher Springer Publishing Co Inc
The only volume specifically designed to meet the objectives of DNP courses, this textbook provides the knowledge and skills necessary for DNP students and faculty and advanced practice nurses to conduct a comprehensive systematic review (CSR). It sets forth a rigorous, step-by-step approach to the process of conducting a literature search including both quantitative and qualitative studies as well as "gray" literature; extracting and synthesizing the most relevant data; using CSR in practice, and disseminating the results. This book addresses the basic concepts of systematic reviews and their relationship to clinical practice and policy, and delineates the systematic steps of this process along with the development of a systematic review proposal and clinical question. It also describes how to find and select the best available evidence and explores specific types of systematic reviews including experimental, observational and economic evidence, and the current and future use of the process. It is an essential resource for practitioners seeking to provide care based on the most current evidence-based knowledge. Key Features Tailored specifically for the DNP Course in Evidence-Based Practice Addresses the process of searching the literature for evidence based on the review question Explains how to integrate systematic reviews into practice Discusses available software, both free & for purchase, for conducting a systematic review Covers how to write a CRS proposal and final report Compares CSR Methods, review of literature, integrated review and META studies Includes helpful pedagogical features including end of chapter application exercises, questions for review; objectives, summary points and references

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