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Computer Networks and Internets: with Internet Applications

Computer Networks and Internets: with Internet Applications

ISBN 9780131236271
Edition 4 International ed
Publisher Pearson Education (us)
I. USING AND BUILDING INTERNET APPLICATIONS. 1. Introduction. 2. Motivation and Tools. 3. Network Programming and Applications. II. DATA TRANSMISSION. 4. Transmission Media. 5. Local Asynchronous Communication RS-232. 6. Long-Distance Communication Carriers, Modulation, and Modems. III. PACKET TRANSMISSION. 7. Packets, Frames, and Error Detection. 8. LAN Technologies and Network Topology. 9. Hardware Addressing and Frame Type Identification. 10. LAN Wiring, Physical Topology, and Interface Hardware. 11. Extending LANs: Fiber Modems, Repeaters, Bridges, and Switches. 12. Long-Distance and Local Loop Digital Connection Technologies. 13. WAN Technologies and Routing. 14. Connection-Oriented Networking and ATM. 15. Network Characteristics: Ownership, Service Paradigm, and Performance. 16. Protocols and Layering. IV. INTERNETWORKING. 17. Internetworking: Concepts, Architecture, and Protocols. 18. IP: Internet Protocol Addresses. 19. Binding Protocol Addresses ARP. 20. IP Datagrams and Datagram Forwarding. 21. IP Encapsulation, Fragmentation, and Reassembly. 22. The Future IP IPv6. 23. An Error Reporting Mechanism (CMP). 24. UDP: Datagram Transport Service. 25. TCP: Reliable Transport Service. 26. Network Address Translation. 27. Internet Routing. V. NETWORK APPLICATIONS. 28. Client-Server Interaction. 29. The Socket Interface. 30. Example of a Client and a Server. 31. Naming with the Domain Name System. 32. Electronic Mail Representation and Transfer. 33. IP Telephony VoIP. 34. File Transfer and Remote File Access. 35. World Wide Web Pages and Browsing. 36. Dynamic Web Document Technologies CGI, ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion. 37. Active Web Document Technologies Java, JavaScript. 38. RPC and Middleware. 39. Network Management SNMP. 40. Network Security. 41. Initialization Configuration. Appendix 1: Glossary of Networking Terms and Abbreviations. Appendix 2: The ASCII Character Set. Appendix 3: Address Masks in Dotted Decimal. Appendix 4: How to Use the CD-ROM Included with this Book. Bibliography. Index.

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