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Computer Simulation of University Physics

Computer Simulation of University Physics

ISBN 9781108412636
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Following years of experience in software development and teaching university physics courses, Professor Hu and his team have developed this software to facilitate teaching of undergraduate level introductory physics courses. It is difficult to teach students how to master key knowledge points without the provision of physical images. Unlike traditional figures or animations, this software calculates and displays physical images and dynamic process in a dynamic, interactive, and accurate manner. By changing the parameters, situations, and viewpoints, the resultant images, dynamic processes, and results are automatically recalculated and displayed simultaneously. Not only does this save class time by removing the need to set up apparatus, but it also helps to demonstrate physical images and processes that cannot be directly observed. It is useful and easy for students to establish the correct physical images and to understand underlying physical concepts. Most of the classic experiments and concepts in teaching mechanics, thermal physics, electromagnetism, wave optics, special relativity, and quantum physics at introductory level university physics are included.

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