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Concise Income Tax

Concise Income Tax

ISBN 9781862876408
Edition 4 Rev ed
Publisher Federation Press
The fourth edition of this standard text on taxation law continues to provide a comprehensive, yet succinct, examination of the most important areas of income taxation law. Almost every chapter in the book has had to be updated to reflect recent legislative amendments and judicial determinations including: the changes to tax administration, particularly with regard to non-ruling ATO advice, rulings and amended assessments the controversial promoter penalty provisions which were introduced to deter the promotion of tax avoidance schemes the new category of taxpayers, "temporary residents", who enjoy many of the benefits of non-residents the significant expansion of the allowable expenses for capital gains purposes which has arisen as a result of changes to the cost base the limiting of the deductibility of losses and outgoings pertaining to certain illegal activities the increase in the types of expenses that may be deducted under the 'blackhole' provisions in Div 40-I.

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