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Confronting Theory: The Psychology of Cultural Studies

Confronting Theory: The Psychology of Cultural Studies

ISBN 9781841503172
Publication Date
Publisher Intellect Books
"Confronting Theory" presents a methodological (philosophical) and educational evaluation and critique of what has come to be known as Theory ('with a capital-T') in cross-disciplinary humanities education. Rather than merely dismissing Theory writing as visibly pretentious and abstract, "Confronting Theory" examines its principal concepts from the perspective of academic psychology and shows that although many of these analyses sound like revolutionary psychological theory, few, if any, have empirical implications that students can evaluate. By considering the educational implications of "Cultural Theory", "Confronting Theory" will empower students with arguments, not just opinions, about the increasingly idealist and irrelevant anti-realist curricula they confront in their humanities education in Anglo-American universities.

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