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Conquered City

Course Codes : FASS2100

Conquered City

ISBN 9781590173664
Edition Main
Publication Date
Publisher New York Review
1919-1920. St. Petersburg, city of the tsars, has fallen to the revolution. Camped out in the splendid palaces of the former regime, the new masters of the city seek to cement their control, even as the counter-revolutionary White Army musters its forces. Conquered City, Victor Serge's toughest and most unrelenting narrative, is structured like a detective story--one in which the new political regime seeks to track down and eliminate its enemies--the spies, speculators, and traitors hidden among the exhausted mass of common people. Conquered City is about terror: the Red Terror and the White Terror. But mainly about the Red, about the Communists who have dared to pick up the weapons of power--police, guns, jails, spies, treachery--in the gamble that wielding them with purity, in a righteous cause, they can put an end to the need for terror, perhaps forever. And yet those who wield these weapons know that they are doomed. Conquered City is their tragedy and testament.

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