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Consultative Selling Skills for Audiologists

Course Codes : AUDL7814, AUDL7823

Consultative Selling Skills for Audiologists

ISBN 9781597564243
Publication Date
Publisher Plural Publishing Inc
The majority of dispensing audiologists practice in a commercial environment in which they have to sell a product, yet most receive little formal training on how to sell. Consultative Selling Skills for Audiologists outlines a specific system that blends several innovative clinical tests - such as the QuickSIN and Acceptable Noise Level test - with proven interpersonal communication strategies that enhance the audiologist's persuasiveness in a commercial working environment. Based on nearly 20 years of experience, the author shares case studies to illustrate common clinical scenarios routinely encountered in a busy dispensing practice, and how a selling system can help increase effectiveness. Whether you are a recent Au.D graduate or a seasoned hearing health care professional, this book is packed with plenty of useful, patient-centered strategies to help you excel in your clinic when you are knee-to-knee with any patient. The path to professional independence and financial security largely rests with your ability to sell. By blending the art of effective communication with innovative pre-fitting clinical tests, Consultative Selling Skills for Audiologists will provide you with the tools you need to be a more successful audiologist in a either commercial or medical environment.

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