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Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting

Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting

ISBN 9780199283354
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Anthony Hopwood: Foreword Alnoor Bhimani: Preface 1: Thomas Ahrens and Christopher S Chapman: New Measures in Performance Management 2: Stanley Baiman: Analysis of Managerial Accounting Issues 3: Jane Baxter and Wai Fong Chua: Reframing Management Accounting Practice: A Diversity of Perspectives 4: Alnoor Bhimani: Management Accounting and Digitization 5: Robert H. Chenhall: The Contingent Design of Performance Measures 6: Robin Cooper and Regine Slagmulder: Integrated Cost Management 7: Lawrence A. Gordon, Martin P. Loeb, and Chih-Yang Tseng: Capital Bugeting and Informational Impediments: A Management Accounting Perspective 8: Keith Hoskin, Richard Macve, and John Stone: Accounting and Strategy: Towards Understanding the Historical Genesis of Modern Business and Military Strategy 9: Liisa Kurunmäki and Peter Miller: Modernising Government: The Calculating Self, Hybridisation and Performance Measurement 10: Eva Labro: Analytics of Costing System Design 11: Kim Langfield-Smith: Understanding Management Control Systems and Strategy 12: Jan Mouritsen & Allan Hansen: Management Accounting, Operations and Network Relations: Debating the Lateral Dimension 13: David Otley: Trends in Budgetary Control and Responsibility Accounting 14: Hanno Roberts: Making Management Accounting Intelligible 15: Robert W. Scapens: Changing Times: Management Accounting Research and Practice from a UK Perspective 16: John K. Shank: Strategic Cost Management: Upsizing, Downsizing, and Right(?)sizing 17: Kazbi Soonawalla: Environmental Management Accounting 18: S. Mark Young, Wim A. Van der Stede, and James J. Gong: Organization Control and Management Accounting in Context: A Case Study of the U.S. Motion Picture Industry

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