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Contemporary Security Management

Contemporary Security Management

ISBN 9780123819512
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Elsevier Science

Contemporary Security Management, Third Edition teaches security professionals how to operate an efficient security department and how to integrate smoothly with other groups inside and outside their own organizations. Fay demonstrates the specifics of security management:

how to organize, plan, develop and manage a security operation.how to identify vulnerabilities.how to determine the protective resources required to offset threats.how to implement all necessary physical and IT security measures.

Security professionals share the responsibility for mitigating damage, serving as a resource to an Emergency Tactical Center, assisting the return of business continuity, and liaising with local response agencies such as police and fire departments, emergency medical responders, and emergency warning centers. At the organizational level, the book addresses budgeting, employee performance, counseling, hiring and termination, employee theft and other misconduct, and offers sound advice on building constructive relationships with organizational peers and company management.

Comprehensive introduction to security and IT security management principlesDiscussion of both public and private sector roles, as well as the increasingly common privatizing of government functionsNew experience-based exercises to sharpen security management and strategic skills and reinforce the content of each chapter

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