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Contract Law 5e ebook

Contract Law 5e ebook

ISBN 9780190304782
Edition 5
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
PART 1: OVERVIEW1. Introduction2. NegotiationPART 2: FORMATION3. Agreement4. Certainty5. Intention to Create Legal Relations6. Consideration7. Equitable EstoppelPART 3: CONTENT8. Terms I: Establishing Contractual Terms9. Terms II: Construction of TermsPART 4: LIMITS ON ENFORCEMENT OF CONTRACTS10. Capacity11. Formalities12. PrivityPART 5: VITIATING FACTORS13. Misrepresentation and Misleading or Deceptive Conduct14. Mistake15. Duress16. Undue Influence17. Unconscionable conduct18. Void and Illegal ContractsPART 6: DISCHARGE OF THE CONTRACT19.Discharge By Performance20. Discharge By Termination21.Discharge By Agreement22.Discharge by FrustrationPART 7: REMEDIES23. Damages24. Restitution25. Equitable RemediesPART 8: CONSUMER PROTECTION26. Unfair Contract Terms27. Consumer Guarantees28. Themes, Critical Perspectives, and Ideologies

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