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Contract Law: Commentaries, Cases and Perspectives

Contract Law: Commentaries, Cases and Perspectives

ISBN 9780195516470
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Contract Law introduces students to the fundamental arguments in Contract Law. It provides a carefully selected collection of cases, statutes and materials with insightful commentary designed to give students a thorough understanding of the subject. The commentary is clearly expressed and easy to understand and provides an accessible introduction to the law of contract without being too simplistic. It connects sometimes forbidding or seemingly obscure legal doctrines to everyday life so that students may easily learn by appreciating immediately the importance and relevance of the law that they are dealing wiht. The book is up-to-date and provides a detailed examination of capacity and a very clear treatment of mistakes and duress. International perspectives are included in each chapter with a comparison of Chinese and Indian law. this provides students with an insight into the law of major Australian trading partner. this will help to inform and educate Australian students by introducing them to the law in some other key jurisdictions and by improving their understanding of Australian law and their analytical skills by enabling them to compare and contrast our law with that in those regions. The text covers the law dealing with international contracts and incorporates a broad range of material, including US examples. It also includes the relevant provisions of the Trade Practices Act as well as other relevant legislation and UN conventions in an integrated and ehlpful manner.

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