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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

ISBN 9780409344028
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher LexisNexis
Corporate Governance is a comprehensive study of Australian corporate governance. It locates current law and practice squarely within contemporary debate about the role of corporations and how, and in whose interests, they are to be governed. Using a clear, easy-to-understand structure, this book covers a broad range of issues in modern corporate governance from basic concepts, the law, self-regulation and special cases, to emerging themes including the impact of globalisation and financialisation on the relationships within corporations, and between corporations and their investors and other stakeholders. Features • Comprehensive study of the history and development of the modern corporation • Commentary on issues in contemporary corporate governance, including corporate social responsibility and impacts of globalisation • Well written by highly respected authors Related Titles Austin & Ramsay, Company Directors: Principles of Law and Corporate Governance, 2nd Edition, 2018 Austin & Ramsay, Ford, Austin and Ramsay’s Principles of Corporations Law, 17th Edition, 2018 Harris, Hargovan & Adams, Australian Corporate Law, 6th Edition, 2017

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