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Counseling in  Communication Disorders: A Wellness Perspective

Course Codes : SPH823

Counseling in Communication Disorders: A Wellness Perspective

ISBN 9781597565363
Edition 2nd edition
Publication Date
Publisher Plural Publishing Inc
Counseling in Communication Disorders: A Wellness Perspective, now in its second edition, is a highly regarded textbook for graduate counseling courses in speech-language pathology and audiology programs. The counseling skills introduced in this book are based on the model of positive psychology, a rapidly growing branch of psychology that focuses on mental health and well-being and how to achieve and maintain these states. By incorporating the key elements of positive psychology into clinical practice, speech pathologists and audiologists can more effectively help patients live productively and successfully with their communication problems. The authors offer examples, exercises, and specific techniques for working with individuals and families who have communication disorders acquired in adulthood, for working with parents of children with catastrophic conditions that are present at birth, and for working both with children and families of those whose communication disorders are incurred in childhood or adolescence. In addition, they also feature one-on-one activities and model workshop examples for use with groups. For the second edition, the authors have updated the literature on positive psychology and incorporated the importance of focusing on change into the text. In addition, they have: Expanded the coverage of child and school issues to make the content more relevant to parents and teachers. Devoted one chapter exclusively to addressing the unique needs of teenage clients. Expanded the adult section to include recent information and interest in adults with mild cognitive impairment. With its updates and additions, Counseling in Communication Disorders: A Wellness Perspective, Second Edition, is destined to remain a popular resource and teaching tool for developing SLPs and audiologists.

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