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Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice / Crime and Criminology 5E

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Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice / Crime and Criminology 5E

ISBN : 9780190023393
Publisher : OUP Australia and New Zealand
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 5ED12
Overview This value pack contains Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice and Crime and Criminology 5E. Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice is an introductory text that includes everything students need to know as they begin their study of crime and criminology. Comprehensive coverage of the key first year topic areas: What is Crime/Types of Crime; Crime Theory; Systems and Institutions of Crime; Crime and Social Inequality and Difference; Criminal Justice. Crime and Criminology 5E is about the causes of crime. More specifically, it describes the diverse and at times competing perspectives within criminology, and their attempts to explain why certain types of people engage in certain types of behaviour that have been identified as being criminal in nature. This book encourages students to think about and discuss the key questions criminologists face, such as: What kind of 'work' should we be doing, and why?; What kind of society do we want, and why?; and, How do we distinguish between 'good' and 'bad' (or 'right' and 'wrong'), and why?


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