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Crime and Justice: A Guide to Criminology 5th edition

Course Codes : CRIM1011, LAWS1110, CRIM100, CRIM101, PICT103

Crime and Justice: A Guide to Criminology 5th edition

ISBN 9780455238647
Edition 5e
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Crime and Justice: a Guide to Criminology has been for many years a leading Australian textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students approaching this subject for the first time. The contributors are well known research active academics in Australia who contribute to the criminological debate at national and international level. Fully revised and updated, this 5th edition offers a comprehensive guide in criminal justice and criminology that is well suited to a dual-semester approach. It covers a wide range of topics including: different forms of crimes ? from street crime to state crime and international crimes; who commits crimes and who are the victims of crimes; and how society responds to crime. This book offers a balance between critical and administrative criminological traditions to add to the discourse of crime and justice in the twenty-first century.

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