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Criminal Law Elements

Course Codes : LAWS2510, 70218, BLB3128

Criminal Law Elements

ISBN 9780409337136
Edition 5 ed
Publication Date
Publisher LexisNexis
Penny Crofts has created a text that is accessible, current and provides a clear statement of the elements of offences studies by students of criminal law in common law states. This edition reflects recent major changes, particularly law reforms including one-punch laws, and Victoria's removal of the defence of provocation. Topics covered are: * Elements of criminal liability * External elements of homicide * Murder * Voluntary manslaughter * Involuntary manslaughter * Assault * Rape * Property offences: New South Wales * Property offences: South Australia and Victoria * Extending criminal liability: complicity, attempt and conspiracy * Defences: mental impairment and automatism * Defences: intoxication, mistake of fact, self-defence, duress and necessity. Features: clear and concise introduction to Criminal Law in the common law jurisdictions Key points at the beginning of each chapter Specifically designed to assist students to develop a solid grasp of the principles of Criminal Law

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