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Crisis Proofing

Crisis Proofing

ISBN 9780190303365
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
Nothing destroys reputation faster or deeper than an issue or crisis mismanaged. Just ask Volkswagen, BP or FIFA. In fact there’s a more than one in four chance that a serious crisis would put any organisation completely out of business. Yet many CEOs and senior executives are still willing to leave it to middle managers and technicians who may not have the skills and experience to save your  company  from  disaster.Crisis Proofing is a highly readable conversation about the creation of a management mind-set committed to reduce the chances of a crisis from happening in the first place and how to minimise the damage from any crisis which does occur. Written by a leading international expert in issue and crisis management, this book shows how responsibility to save your company from disaster lies absolutely in the executive suite. Crisis proofing is a low-cost investment which has a real bottom-line return, but it demands new leadership from CEOs  and senior executives.Key Features:Introduces and supports the game-changing new concept of Crisis ProofingWritten in a highly engaging, conversational styleEasy to read yet built on proven management principlesSets out the role of top managers in crisis prevention and crisis responseEmphasises the personal nature of what needs to be done (and what not to do)Uses relatable examples which are often entertaining, but always realisticProvides simple, effective models to implement throughout the organisationDevelops practical processes for how to achieve success

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