Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence

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Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence

ISBN : 9781452226675
Publisher : SAGE Publications Inc
Author(s) :
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Overview Accomplished instructors and intelligence practitioners Beebe and Pherson have created a set of twelve robust, class-tested cases on events in foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, terrorism, homeland security, law enforcement, and decision-making support. The case studies are designed to give analysts-intraining a hands-on opportunity to apply structured analytic techniques to tackle real-life problems. Each case delivers a compelling narrative and a set of step-by-step instructions that make teaching and learning as effective and efficient as possible. This title features: questions at the start of each case that challenge the student to think critically and help the students bring the case into focus; carefully crafted narratives that provide the right amount of detail to give a realistic sense of the complexity and challenges of the case; recommended readings at the end of each narrative that allow room for further research; sections entitled "Structured Analytic Techniques in Action" that frame the analytic tasks and provide step-by-step instructions for applying three to five analytic techniques in a series of exercises for each case study; two hundred photos, maps, figures, tables, boxes, and technique templates that support analysis and instruction; and, a matrix of the cases and techniques used in each cases that augment the annotated table of contents and provide students and instructors an all-in-one view of the contents.


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