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Cross-currents in Contemporary Australian Art

Cross-currents in Contemporary Australian Art

ISBN 9789057035111
Publisher Craftsman House
One of the few summaries of the major art movements that have influenced 20th century art, this volume covers work from the 1940s to the late 1990s, identifying intersecting aims and ideas. from an analysis of landscape tradition which has formed the background setting to Australian art history, the analysis moves forward to those movements that have enlivened and shaped it to the complex plural character it has today. Chapters include considerations of Asian art by Australian artists, the development of women's art, as well the motivations of the gay, lesbian and queer art movements. The development of community art is traced, as is the art profile of urban Aborigines. The role of specific movements, from the Angry Penguins to the Yellow House, is outlined and art theory is given a no-nonsense explanation. The utilisation of eastern philosophies in Australian art forms the conclusion to this useful anthology. A rigorous, scholarly account, this book combines theoretical elucidation with a sense of humour in a fresh, enjoyable style that makes it an essential for all students of Australian visual art.

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