Crown or Country: The Traditions of Australian Republicanism

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Crown or Country: The Traditions of Australian Republicanism 9781863735995

ISBN : 9781863735995
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview This text discusses republicanism as an historical, cultural, political and even social principle in Australia. These themes are developed through several perspectives: an examination of a hidden and implicit republican history; the several prior attempts to develop an explicit republican movement; the changing nature of Australian culture in a developing multicultural and post-colonial society, and the newly-developing notion of citizenship. This book is not concerned with the political or legal issues of the organization of government, but rather with the history and culture of republicanism in Australia. It asserts that republicanism is not a recent phenomenon - the book aims to show that republicanism is already deeply ingrained in Australian political history and in the cultural manifestations of politics. It shows that republicanism is more than merely a debate about the monarch as head of state, and involves issues of political participation, cultural formation, hidden traditions and national identity.

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