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Decision Support Systems: United States Edition

Decision Support Systems: United States Edition

ISBN 9780130922069
Edition 2 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
For a Decision Support System course offered in business schools. Packed with essential information, this valuable text helps future business management professionals learn to make and support managerial decisions, providing a thorough understanding of the support aspect of DSS. Written from a cognitive processes and decision-making perspective, it concentrates on issues that emphasize managerial applications and the implication of decision support technology on those issues. - NEW - Intelligent software agents chapter added. - NEW - DSS system development chapter added - Provides logical sequencing of all DSS topics ranging from application types through design and deployment. - NEW - Building data warehouses chapter added. - NEW - Megaputers PolyAnalyst and TextAnalyst data mining and visualization software applications - Including detailed tutorials, data sets, and sample problems. - Strong managerial application and use approach. - Processes involved in making creative decisions and effectively solving problems. - Future of decision support systems - i.e. expert systems, artificial intelligence systems, and executive information systems. - Decision-making theory - e.g. decision styles, decision effectiveness, cognitive processes, and organizational culture. - Extensive use of graphics and examples, figures and tables, plus a balance between professional and conversational writing style. - Chapter learning objectives - Presented in both performance and behavioral terms. - Chapter minicases - Derived from actual situations. - Narrative Vignettes. - Key Concepts, Questions for Review, and Further Discussion Questions conclude each chapter. - Companion Web Site.

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