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Destiny Seekers

Destiny Seekers

ISBN 9781944212834
Publication Date
Publisher World Ahead Press

If Jesus was a Jew, why do most Christian churches look and act so . . . Gentile? In 2010 Pastor James Morel and his congregation sensed a clear call from God to return to the Church’s Hebraic roots. Through their journey, they discovered their true destiny.

In Destiny Seekers, Pastor James Morel answers critical questions like:

How can Christians know their true destiny in Christ?

Is the call for a return to our Hebraic roots a move of the Holy Spirit today?

Is our destiny tied to the Hebraic roots of our faith?

To what extent does the message contained within this movement share with the Elijah task of preparing the way of the second coming of the Lord?

The time has come for the Church to return to Scripture for these answers rather than the wavering winds of opinion!


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