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Digital Control System Analysis and Design

Digital Control System Analysis and Design

ISBN 9780133098327
Publisher Prentice-Hall
This revision of the best-selling book in digital controls is a significant update with the integration of MATLAB software and new coverage in several areas. FEATURES: *integrates the most widely used software tool in the controls field-MATLAB-throughout the book in both examples and problems *short MATLAB programs included in many examples throughout *MATLAB programs from examples are also available free of charge allowing the reader to experiment and learn to use MATLAB more quickly *motivates the reader with several running applications throughout the book. Simple physical systems are introduced in one chapter and then used again later to illuminate more advanced material. These applications include: control system of a satellite, antenna tracking and pointing systems, robotic control system, and a temperature control system *approximately 400 problems are included, all of which have been revised in the third edition. Roughly one fourth of the problems are entirely new! *a great number of examples are used throughout the book to further illuminate and reinforce the material.Over 130 worked examples are used in total *a brief review of the Fourier Transform is now included to aid in understanding the effects of sampling a signal-See sec 3. 5 *coverage of the root-locus design method is clarified and expanded in chapter 8 *improved descriptions of the Mason's gain formula See Appendix II *verification of results if presented as optional material. Verification of work is generally modeled in most examples.

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