Diplomacy and Statecraft: Cases and Readings

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Diplomacy and Statecraft: Cases and Readings 9780734610911

ISBN : 9780734610911
Publisher : Tilde University Press
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 2 Rev ed
Overview The 21st century is now a decade old, and the environment in which international diplomacy takes place is dynamic and rapidly changing. First, the collapse of the socialist regimes in the early days of the 1990s scrambled the power map of the world, and set in motion American international ascendancy and a new phase of globalisation and democratisation. Then, the attacks on the US by terrorists in September 2001 added new and unexpected dimensions to international diplomatic activities, to security concerns, to trade negotiations, to alliance formation, and to the sharing of knowledge and innovation. "Diplomacy and Statecraft: Cases and Readings, 2nd Edition" provides an introduction to the theory and practice of diplomacy. Drawing on the diplomatic practices of the major powers with particular focus on Western diplomacy and foreign policy, this book also contains nine completely new case studies from a global perspective. We are now experiencing a new configuration of diplomatic and trade relations among and between industrialised democracies, emerging economies, developing countries and countries with capital, technology and knowledge. Today, the management of diplomatic activities by any state is complex owing to the multidimensional features of diplomacy. Diplomacy is essentially a political activity to ensure national interest and to enable states to secure foreign policy objectives.

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