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DSM-5RG and the Law

DSM-5RG and the Law

ISBN 9780199368464
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
Featuring relevant diagnostic changes to each chapter topic, a wide range of civil and criminal forensic evaluations, practical vignettes and focused summary points,DSM-5r and the Law is the perfect companion text for psychiatrists and psychologists, social workers conducting forensic evaluetions, and practicing attorneys and judges. DSM-5 and the Law: Changes and Challenges Reviews the most common types of mental health evalutations that arise in the criminal justice system and in the course of civil litigation. each chapter provides an initial overview and explaination of the legal issue, how diagnostics changes impact the legal issue, practical evaluation of guidelines addressing the diagnostic changes, and clear summary points at the conclusion of each chapter. This is the first book to apply how the DSM-5 changes will impact forensic evaluations, Dr. Charles Scott's DSM-5 and the Law: Changes and Challenges provides important, practical guidelines on how to face these new challenges posed by this new set of criteria.

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