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E-Commerce Basics: Technology Foundations and E-Business Applications

E-Commerce Basics: Technology Foundations and E-Business Applications

ISBN 9780201748406
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice Hall
In E-Commerce Basics, the authors introduce the basic technological infastructure and basic business issues to understand when analyzing the feasibility of e-commerce initiatives. The book uses a layered approach that first presents the basic web technology that supports all e-business, then presents the e-commerce business issues, and then revisits the technology to discuss the challenges in bringing businesses on to the web. Since the web wasn't created for business purposes, the issues of combining business applications in a technical environment are examined. This layered approach gives the reader an Understanding of the underlying infrastructure and how traditional business issues should be considered when considering e-commerce, and thus, makes it easier to grasp the strengths, limitations, and implications of various e-commerce solutions. When discussing the business of ecommerce the layered approach reflects on traditional business models used to measure successes, such as profit and return on investment. - Layered Approach - Takes a layered approach that stresses the technology infrastructure and the business issues surrounding the integration of business and technology. - Brief - A brief book that presents fundamental concepts, but with sufficient depth for a full semester course. - Companion Website - This robust web site allows the book to fit a more technical, a more business, or a more marketing flavored course by providing additional readings focused on technology issues, business issues, and marketing issues The companion web site also provides lab projects such as Creating a business plan, Performing basic technical skills (such as creating a web site), and Working with Ping, Tracert, and IPConfig. - Includes case studies of real E-commerce successes and failures.

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