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Eagle Boys Pizza Story

Eagle Boys Pizza Story

ISBN 9780646510163
Publisher Messenger Publishing
"Life's about doing things, not having things..." The story of Eagle Boys is about lessons - great, bad and just plain awful - and Tom Potter has learnt them all on his extraordinary journey to success. Join the Eagle Boys Founder on the wild ride that has brought him right from his rural beginnings, through his upward spiral to success, to his eventual flight from the nest...Inside these pages readers will meet and fall in love with the people Tom has met along the way - from characters, to criminals, to the planet's kindest souls - they will roller coaster along his ups and downs, and will be privy to Tom's most valuable secrets to successful entrepreneurship. While this is a book about business, it does not take the form of the traditional "do this and that and this will follow" business book. The Eagle Boys tale is one of a passion for product and people, of creativity and reaching levels of success readers may have never dreamt were possible. It's also a tale of figuring out how to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way...

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