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Early Childhood Services: Theory, Policy, and Practice

Early Childhood Services: Theory, Policy, and Practice

ISBN 9780335203291
Publication Date
Publisher Open University Press
This book explores the relationships between theory, policy and practice in early childhood services. Although primarily focused on the UK, it draws on contributions from Europe and further afield to explore the strengths and limitations of present practices and suggests ways in which new initiatives might be developed. The book considers six interlinked themes: * How do young children learn? What assumptions are made about children as learners? * What should young children be learning? What is an appropriate approach to curriculum for young children? * Where should young children learn? What arrangements are made for them? What kinds of spaces do children inhabit? * Who should help them learn? What role do adults take in supporting children's learning? * Children as participants and knowledgeable persons. What contribution can children themselves make to the plans that are made for them? * Developing practice - how does practice, particularly embedded practice, change or develop? The book will be important reading for students undertaking courses in early childhood studies, early years education, social policy and child welfare as well as academics, researchers and policymakers in these fields.

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