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Easy Economics: A Visual Guide to What You Need to Know

Easy Economics: A Visual Guide to What You Need to Know

ISBN 9781118118061
Publication Date
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc
Let's face it, economics can be boring but we all need a decent understanding of the basics if we want to survive in these difficult and uncertain times. Let's make it more interesting. Easy Economics isn't packed with reams of text or stacks of numbers, this book is visual and engaging. The book aims to bring you up to speed, in a way that entertains while it informs, through a collection of many of the most frequently asked questions--plus some you probably haven't thought of--on the subject of economics. The topics range from: * The difference between Debt and Deficit * Causes and cures of recessions * The Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 explained * Is globalization good or bad? * How fiscal and monetary policies differ * Bubbles and Busts Unlike so many other books on the subject, it explains through a Q & A format with entertaining and informative illustration, providing material that many people ordinarily find uninviting and even intimidating in an easy-to-digest, appealing way.

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