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Econometrics: Theory and Application

Econometrics: Theory and Application

ISBN 9780132246682
Publisher Prentice-Hall
This volume deals with problems of estimating and testing socio-economic relations arising in single and simultaneous equations. It incorporates applications from diverse areas including industrial organization, labour, education, public finance, trade, money, and financial economics. Ghosh discusses some of the most recent techniques and models in the discipline and provides an extensive survey of real-world applied econometric studies. The text offers a discussion of an economic problem in the introduction to most chapters. It includes a brief presentation of linear algebra and statistical concepts and results and also presents some classic and modern applied studies in consumption, production and investment functions, applied macro-econometric models and models of rational expectations. The book contains easy-to-follow discussions on the most recent econometric topics such as modelling or model selection, sample selectivity bias, Wald, Likelihood Ratio, and Lagrangean Multiplier tests. The book includes illustrations of equations, models, flow charts, tables of statistical results and appendices as well as a bibliography, end-of-chapter problems and exercises drawn from different socio-economic areas.

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