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Economic Principles

Economic Principles

ISBN 9780070998520
Edition 3 ed
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw-Hill Australia
This is the third edition of Economic Principles, a concise adaptation by Chris Bajada of the successful Microeconomics and Macroeconomics books by US authors McConnell and Brue (responsible for the number one selling economics texts in the world). These texts have been adapted locally by Jackson, McIver and Wilson and have been selling into the Australian market for over thirty years. Economic Principles 3e combines the essential micro and macro elements into one book created to cover a singlesemester course. It is a low to mid-level text designed for the average student to be able to understand, but without compromising the rigour of the text. It is pedagogically very strong, offering a step-by-step approach to learning but with all the flexibility of a set of six extension chapters allowing lecturers to teach at different levels, according to their students' needs. Responding to market feedback this edition introduces new features as well as reworked existing features. For example, each chapter now has a new end-of-chapter worked case study, & Bringing it all together', which contains a short case and a series of solved questions to guide students through the process of performing an economic analysis. The content has been updated too, incorporating coverage of the GFC, sustainability and the changing role of regulation, along with updates to all data, and new cases on hot topics such as global warming. Economic Principles offers a blended learning approach that keeps students interested and engaged in everyday economics. There is plenty of hands-on experience for students as they perform economic analyses on data that reflects what is happening in the world economy right now.

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