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ISBN 9780073511498
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw Hill Higher Education
Thinking Like an Economist

Part 1: The Power of Economics

Chapter 1 Economics and Life Chapter 2 Specialization and Exchange Appendix A Math Essentials: Understanding Graphs and Slope

Part 2: Supply and Demand

Chapter 3 Markets Appendix B Math Essentials: Working with Linear Equations Chapter 4 Elasticity Appendix C Math Essentials: Calculating Percentage Change, Slope, and Elasticity Chapter 5 Efficiency Appendix D Math Essentials: The Area Under a Linear Curve Chapter 6 Government Intervention Microeconomics: Thinking Like a Microeconomist

Part 3: Individual Decisions

Chapter 7 Consumer Behavior Appendix E Using Indifference Curves Chapter 8 Behavioral Economics: A Closer Look at Decision Making Chapter 9 Game Theory and Strategic Thinking Chapter 10 Information Chapter 11 Time and Uncertainty Appendix F Math Essentials: Compounding

Part 4: Firm Decisions

Chapter 12 The Costs of Production Chapter 13 Perfect Competition Chapter 14 Monopoly Chapter 15 Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly Chapter 16 The Factors of Production Chapter 17 International Trade

Part 5: Public Economics

Chapter 18 Externalities Chapter 19 Public Goods and Common Resources Chapter 20 Taxation and the Public Budget Chapter 21 Poverty, Inequality, and Discrimination Chapter 22 Political Choices Chapter 23 Public Policy and Choice Architecture Macroeconomics: Thinking Like a Macroeconomist

Part 6: The Data of Macroeconomics

Chapter 24 Measuring the Wealth of Nations Chapter 25 The Cost of Living

Part 7: Economic Growth and Unemployment

Chapter 26 Economic Growth Chapter 27 Unemployment and the Demand for Labor

Part 8: The Economy in the Short Run

Chapter 28 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Chapter 29 Fiscal Policy and Public Finance

Part 9: The Financial System and Institutions

Chapter 30 The Basics of Finance Appendix G Personal Finance (online) Chapter 31 Money and the Monetary System Chapter 32 Inflation Chapter 33 Financial Crisis

Part 10: International Policy Issues

Chapter 34 Open-Market Macroeconomics Chapter 35 Development Economics Data Guide for Economists (online) Glossary

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