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Econophysics and Financial Economics

Econophysics and Financial Economics

ISBN 9780190205034
Edition 1st
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
Econophysics and Financial Economics provides the first extensive analytic comparison between models and results from econophysics and financial economics in an accessible and common vocabulary. Jovanovic and Schinckus move beyond disciplinary frontiers to initiate the development of a common theoretical framework that makes sense for both traditionally trained financial economists and econophysicists. The major issues that limit and obstruct collaboration between the two fields are analyzed in detail. The book explains the theoretical and methodological foundations of these two fields in an accessible vocabulary providing the first extensive analytic comparison between models and results from both fields.By mixing conceptual, historical, theoretical and formal arguments and analysis, the book details the recent results in econophysics that bring it closer to financial economics. Beyond the clarifying the current situation of two camps, this book also proposes a generic model compatible with the two fields that in turn helps define minimal conditions for common models. It also identifies what remains to be done for econophysicists to contribute significantly to financial economics. Finally, this book provides a research agenda for a more fruitful collaboration between econophysicists and financial economists, creating new research opportunities. Econophysics and Financial Economics is an important step in creating a profitable dialogue between financial economists and econophysicists. It does so by identifying a common theoretical framework allowing the creation of more efficient models for the financial industry.

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