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Education In The Arts

Course Codes : EDUC5520, EMT694

Education In The Arts

ISBN 9780195574609
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Engage * Create * Reflect * Teach * Learn This is a book about the principles and practice that underpin teaching and learning in the arts. It enables primary school teachers to work across a number of art forms, including drama, art, music, media, technology and dance. It also addresses the need for all teachers to be able to teach the arts, not just art, music or drama specialists. It is grounded in theory and research, with links to teaching practice, allowing students to apply what they are learning to new contexts, and encouraging them to become reflective practitioners. Students can continue to use this book as they become practising teachers, drawing on how to implement the various arts practices in a school setting. New to this Edition 3 new chapters: Chapter 10. Dance: Art Embodied Chapter 11. Media Arts and Learning in the Digital World. Chapter 14. Support and Partnerships for the Teacher (shows teachers working in partnership with the outside world, eg: parents, specialists, professionals, other schools, government etc). More questions with each case study.  

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