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Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems: International Edition

Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems: International Edition

ISBN 9780131969186
Edition 6 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education (us)
This best-selling text employs a theoretical, practical, multidisciplinary approach to provide introductory students with a broad understanding of modern electric power. The scope of the book reflects the rapid changes that have occurred in power technology over the past few years - allowing the entrance of power electronics into every facet of industrial drives, and expanding the field to open more career opportunities. Doubly-fed induction machine properties and behavior - For use as a wind turbine generator to produce electricity. Introduces students to a new application for the machine traditionally used as a variable-speed motor to drive large pumps. Pulse-width modulation (PWM) modifications. Provides students with new text and figures to better illustrate the basics of PWM drives and flux vector control. Direct Torque Control (DTC) coverage - Using a special bang-bang (hysteresis) technique rather than using constant frequency pulse-width modulation and vector control. Wind power and the use of turbines. Introduces students to several methods of generating electric power by extracting energy from wind. The HVDC Light[trademark] method of transmitting electric power. Introduces students to an important new way of carrying power to remote locations. Revised, reformatted Instructor's Manual. Provides instructors with a tool that is much easier to read. Clear, practical approach. Enables students to comprehend even the most difficult subject matter, retain it, and apply it in real-life. Real-life equipment and machinery. Provides students with information on physical dimensions, weight, moment of inertia, and other critical background details. Multidisciplinary approach. Shows students that thermal and mechanical problems are linked with electrical apparatus - and can therefore not be ignored. Emphasizes the importance of mechanics and heat along with the electrical features of equipment.

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