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Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering

Course Codes : ENG443

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering

ISBN 9780130473943
Edition 4th United States ed
Publisher Prentice Hall
Great structure to ensure principles are clearly understood and can be appliedafter the completion of the book. This is achieved first through a discussion ofcritical thinking and how Socratic questioning is at the heart of criticalthinking, followed by examples of critical thinking questions, and then finallyexercises on critical thinking. Contains more coverage of industrial chemistrywith real reactors and real reactions and extends the wide range of applicationsto which chemical reaction engineering principles can be applied. Through theuse of an interactive CDROM that is shrunk wrapped with the text andcorresponding web page the book and resource material is designed to addressdifferent student learning styles according to the Felder-Solomon LearningStyle Index. (e.g. global/sequential, active/reflective, verbal/visual andsensing/intuitive)

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